IMGP0367016 “Randy and Susan are exceptional leaders with a unique balance of character and competence. You will find their seminars to be motivating with practical tools to help build your personal ministry and lives with integrity and a passion for God. I highly recommend Randy and Susan as resource leaders for any and every church setting. You will not be disappointed but greatly inspired to go beyond the status quo and reach the highest level of excellence.”  Dr Lori Salierno, CEO of Celebrate Life and Teach One to Lead One

“Susan and Randy are awesome!  Having them come to your church or event is as easy and comfortable as a visit from dear friends. They are excited and passionate about God and the message he has charged them to share and they convey that in a warm, loving way that will leave participants excited, too. With years of top-notch experience between them you can’t go wrong using them as resource leaders for any age group!”  –Stacy Artis, Seminar attendee

“Randy and Susan lead workshops like they live their lives – fully committed, with purpose, and with fun! Randy and Susan are a tremendous team in marriage and ministry. Time spent with them is always well-spent.”  - Michelle Houts, author and speaker, farm wife and mom

“Randy and Susan truly care about others and have a desire to see everyone come to a meaningful and personal relationship with Christ. They have creative ways of explaining the truth of God’s word and practical ways of applying this in our daily lives. Two thumbs up!”  –Mike Poe, Pastor and Missionary to Palmos, Brazil

“I know the Callaway’s personally as student and friend.  Their love of the Lord shines through every word they speak.  Susan and Randy’s perspectives are different and each brings his/her own gifts and strengths to give a complete picture.  Their shared experience with living the truth in this surprise called life helps you take it home and live it too.  The wisdom they offer is not just a cookie-cutter platitude but tried and true insight learned from their own struggles within marriage and family.  They are open, honest, approachable and passionate about showing others how to follow Jesus today.”  –Evelyn Sloat, Operations Administrative Assistant, Brubacher of Reading, PA, seminar attendee

 “Randy and Susan are real-life people with real-life experience who bring more than fluff and theory to their workshops. They provide wisdom and practical tools in an engaging approach that will enrich the lives of those who attend. Randy and Susan are faithful, discipled Christian leaders who are passionate about helping others grow in their relationships with others and their walk with Christ.”  –Beth Miller, Pastor of Children’s Ministry, College First Church of God

“Randy and Susan came to our church to work with our Sunday School teachers to help us improve our curriculum and presentation. It was a fun and productive day. They are energetic and joyful. Everything they do is based strongly on scripture and they have a passion to do God’s work. I would recommend them for any project a church requires. I would love to have them come back and do more for us.” –Rose Clawser, Retired teacher, Pastor’s Wife and Seminar Attendee

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working in ministries with Randy and Susan for several years. They not only know the scripture but live them! The seminars they present are informative, creative and full of fun! I would highly recommend them to anyone!” –Pat Arnold, Seminar attendee

“It seemed like yesterday when Randy and Susan came to our 2 year old church! It was November 2010 when Logos Christian Fellowship was trying to figure out its identity. There were so many needs in our community but was it God’s will for us to meet them all? Or if God wants it done, does He want us to do it? That was when Finding Focus Ministries came to assist us! Our fellowship believe that each member should be literate in the Word of God, so as part of a brief seminar headed by Randy and Susan, they helped us come up with “Word Lived Out” as our mission statement! The rest of the sessions were spent on “Clarifying the win.”
“Today, three years later, I am happy to report that we are on tract. Our members are excited about the Lord Jesus Christ as they experience for themselves the life changing power of the gospel message. We celebrate each win and we continue to minister to the community, not meeting all its needs but only those that God directs us to.May God continue to bless the work that you do, Randy and Susan. You are making a difference in the lives of churches you work with and we are grateful!”  Christine C. Florendo,M.D. and Pastor, Logos Christian Fellowship
“Randy and Susan came to our church to help us improve our children’s ministry. They came with passion, focus and excitement- exactly what we needed. They modeled godly leadership and care as they inspired our team to grow in our personal walks with the Lord and also grow in our ministry. The tools and resources Randy and Susan gave us were excellent and firmly grounded in Scripture. I am happy to report that three years after our weekend with the Callaways our children’s ministry has become more focused and intentional about bringing children into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. I highly recommend joining with Randy and Susan for any area in your church that needs a little TLC, you won’t be disappointed!”  –Allison Wilson, Children’s Ministry Director and Seminar attendee
“Susan and Randy are an exceptional couple: warm, passionate, humble, Jesus loving, with compassionate hearts that consistently reach out to others. They lead from the ground, walking with rather than in front of others. With a tremendous wealth of experience through all of life’s triumphs and trials, they freely invest, inspire, mentor, and guide pointing to God’s grace and power to redeem and renew even the most broken and bruised of us. I could not recommend a better resource to help celebrate and strengthen marriages”.  –Sarah Stephenson Schmitz, Mom, Wife and missionary with Global Partners in Nicaragua
“I have known Randy and Susan for a long time and been encouraged by them and learned much about what it means to be in relationships. Life is not easy, experiences can be hard, and Randy and Susan don’t sugar-coat that but instead know how to redeem the times of their lives and help others to do the same. I have learned much from them over the years and would encourage anyone to give a listen to what they have to say and let them help you grow your marriage, family relationships, friendships, and church. Oh, and be prepared to laugh. A lot!” –Rich Thornton, Husband, Dad, Pastor, Church Planter, and now Church Planting Field Director on the East Coast


Anonymous Comments from Seminar Evaluations:

“Very interactive, timely, refreshing!”

“Prayer time worth the whole weekend”

“Helped us through a difficult situation”

“They have a heart for the church plus a vast amount of experience”